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Marion Castle
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 Do you need a versatile female voice over artist ? Does she need to be flexible and   have the ability to turn around scripts quickly? If the answer to these questions is   yes, Marion Castle is the person for you. She's able to voice all kinds of text from   Answer phone messaging, and information conveying to story reads, commercials,     Jingles and E-Learning.............

                         ****  New Audiobook now available ****
                                             from Marion Castle
                                                 From the Best Selling Winning Author  
                                                Jana Petken "The Mercy Carver  Series"
                                                                  " DARK  SHADOWS "
                                         Multi award winning author - Jana Petken. 



Marion is an experienced female "Voice Tracker" 
for all kinds of stations requiring female voice tracking links. She is currently presenting voice tracking links for various radio stations across Europe.
 Recently released a documentary film she's voiced for a company specializing in Health and Wellness products.

Marion Castle has a global, contemporary, extremely versatile voice. She specializes in corporate videos, audiobooks, training videos and E-learning.

Let Marion know what style you require!
Fast turnaround when needed.

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       Now Available
"The Blessing Stone" follow the trail of a magical blue stone that fell to earth from a meteor - The story of The Blessing Stone is more than just a tale about a precious gem. This audiobook version brings the magical stone to life once again.-  CD's  available from CherryhillPublishing.com 
Domina by Barbara Wood
 Domina Audiobook read by Marion Castle

Beautiful and courageous, Samantha Hargrave
dares to dream that she will become one of the first female doctors and surgeons. Samantha struggles to enter the all-male medical profession. Listen to a sample chapter read by Marion Castle.

​Sense and Sensibility
Sense & Sensibility is a classic novel by Jane Austen - This audiobook version is now available. Download now from www.Cherryhillpublishing,com or www.Audible.com -  For all your voiceover projects contact www.MarionCastle.co.uk

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Wuthering Heights

A classic novel not to be missed  download the complete Audiobook from  www.Cherryhillpublishing.com
​or www.Audible.com

Jane Austen's well loved novel narrated by Marion Castle
Audiobook now Available from www.Audible.com
​or www.Cherryhillpublishing.com
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